Big Idea Conference Report

Big Idea ConferenceE3NE hosted its first Big Idea Policy Conference in Concord, NH, on November 5, 2015. Jason Sorens, PhD has written a thorough summary of the the speakers' presentations and the question-and-answer sessions. In his conclusion, he writes, "It seems to me that the economic evidence alone does not provide an irrefutable argument either for or against legalizing casinos. Some people have moral reasons for prohibiting gambling, believing it to be an absolute evil or kind of fraud. Others have moral reasons for legalizing it, thinking that individuals should be free to spend their money as they desire. Economics cannot solve this dispute. However, the economic evidence makes us more aware of the tradeoffs that are involved in public policy decisions like this one." Read more...

Student Reports

E&E ChallengeThe first participants in Ethics & Economics Challenge have great things to say! Lindsay writes, "This class is helpful in my pursuit to become an informed global citizen. It taught me a lot about subjects that I normally do not encounter in an academic setting but are an essential part of my life.”

Isabelle adds, "Learning about [John Stuart Mill's] Harm Principle changed my mind about what is actually harmful to a person and what is not."