Ethics & Economics Challenge Scholarship Winners Announced!

This year’s Ethics and Economics Challenge speech competition at Merrimack Valley High School, made possible by Credit Adjustments, Inc., took place on Friday evening, June 3. The students gave a series of excellent presentations, which were judged by Janine Casavant, Gardner Goldsmith, and Jason Sorens. In the end, the winners were: Braden S., for “Why College Vouchers Could Reduce Costs” […]

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Competition Among Politicians

Whom do you trust to tell the truth? A long-running survey by the British pollster Ipsos MORI asks respondents which occupations they trust the most to tell the truth. Doctors, teachers, judges, scientists, hairdressers, police, and clergy were the most trusted occupations. Politicians, government ministers, and journalists were among the least trusted occupations. Why do we trust politicians so little? […]

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Big Idea Conference on Gambling Policy: Review

E3NE hosted its first Big Idea Policy Conference in Concord, NH, on November 5, 2015. We are grateful for support of Hon. Jason Osborne, Aaron Day, and State Budget Solutions, which made this conference possible. The following is a thorough summary of the the speakers’ presentations and the question-and-answer sessions. Video should be available in a few days. Effects of Casinos Doug Walker […]

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