Ethics and Economics Education of New England (E3NE) is a New Hampshire nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the level of ethical and economic literacy in New England. We work with high school students, teachers, journalists, legislators, administrators, and scholars.

Launched in High Schools this Spring!

E&E Challenge

E&E Challenge at Merrimack Valley High School

We brought Ethics & Economics Challenge to two high schools this spring. The program introduced students to moral questions relating to business and economic policy, such as “What are rights?” and “How do we know what justice requires?” Students learned economic principles that helped them consider questions such as “What moral obligations do businesses have?” and “Do ‘Buy American’ programs help Americans?”

At the end of the semester, students at Merrimack Valley High School participated in a speech competition on social or public policy. We were pleased to witness the first public speeches given by all of these students and congratulate the winners, Isabelle and Braden! We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteer judges: Janine Lescrinier, Gardner Goldsmith, and Matt Philips.

If you are a parent of a high school student in Vermont or New Hampshire and would like to bring this opportunity to your child’s school, we want to hear from you!