2018-19 Ethics & Economics Challenge Underway!

Second Treatise cover

Last month, Ethics & Economics Challenge started again at The Founders Academy in Manchester, N.H. and Merrimack Valley H.S. in Penacook, N.H. We are trying out an entirely new format this year. Students will focus on reading three works of major historical or contemporary importance in the fields of economics and moral philosophy, and we discuss a chapter or two […]

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Whom Does Licensing Protect?

Our Ethics and Economics Challenge program is using a new economics text this year, Common Sense Economics. We learned recently about the reasons why two particular kinds of government regulation — price controls and entry restrictions — are especially likely to cause harm. Price controls cause shortages or surpluses, while entry restrictions reduce competition. One kind of entry restriction is […]

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We Are All “Outsourcers”

Though it is barely out of its lexicographic swaddling clothes, the term “outsourcing” is among the most loathed words in the world. Defending it ranks almost as high as attacking baseball and apple pie on the list of sociological wrongs. But many of those who despise the notion of “sending work overseas” might be surprised to discover that they, too, […]

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The Notorious “B-I-G” Business…

In many societies, there is a widespread antipathy of monopoly. The “little guy” is seen as noble, while the “big business” is to be feared or viewed with suspicion. “David” is the protagonist. “Goliath”: nemesis. But in the field of economics the sentiment invites important questions, questions that offer surprising and fascinating answers. For example, what does the term monopoly […]

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