Ethics & Economics Challenge Scholarship Winners Announced!

Ethics & Economics Challenge students

Ethics & Economics Challenge students

This year’s Ethics and Economics Challenge speech competition at Merrimack Valley High School, made possible by Credit Adjustments, Inc., took place on Friday evening, June 3. The students gave a series of excellent presentations, which were judged by Janine Casavant, Gardner Goldsmith, and Jason Sorens. In the end, the winners were:

  1. Braden S., for “Why College Vouchers Could Reduce Costs”
  2. Isabelle G., for “Ending Mass Incarceration”
  3. Madison G., for “The Benefits of Liberalizing Immigration”

Braden and Isabelle won $500 and $250 scholarships, respectively, while Madison won a $40 bookstore gift certificate. The judges’ decision among the top five or so contestants was a very difficult one!

We are grateful to Merrimack Valley H.S. for their continued support and to all our donors. It was great to hear comments from the students like, “This was my favorite class this year!” and “It’s definitely been one of the most enriching and best parts of high school.”

See you next fall!


  • It is too bad that the two students who won also won last year.

    • We were surprised by that. In the end, though, we had to give the award to the two best speeches by our criteria.