Public Speaking Tips for our Students

Public SpeakingEthics & Economics Challenge will be wrapping up soon at Merrimack Valley High School. At the end of the class, each student will give a speech on a social or public policy. Their audience will include a team of judges who will rate the speeches in order to choose the first recipients of E3NE’s college scholarships.

Many high school students have never delivered a formal speech, so an important part of our students’ work will be to learn about and develop public speaking skills. A quick search on YouTube provides a vast selection of videos on public speaking, and we found a few videos that should help students deal with nerves and empower them to do their best on speech day.

The best speakers work to connect with their audience, make strong points that are easily remembered, and focus on their message. They ask interesting questions, consider all sides of an issue, and present a compelling argument. They work from a well-organized outline and support their main points with strong sources and examples. They might even share a personal experience that drew them to the topic, throw in a little humor, or inspire their audience to action.

Finally, a personal note to our students: Keep in mind is that the audience is on your side. During this speech competition, we will be looking for and expecting to see the best in you. Pick a topic that you believe is important, know your material well, and understand that a supportive audience will readily excuse small missteps. We are excited to support your growth as you present your thoughts on ethics and economics.