Big Idea Conference on Gambling Policy: Review

E3NE hosted its first Big Idea Policy Conference in Concord, NH, on November 5, 2015. We are grateful for support of Hon. Jason Osborne, Aaron Day, and State Budget Solutions, which made this conference possible. The following is a thorough summary of the the speakers’ presentations and the question-and-answer sessions. Video should be available in a few days. Effects of Casinos Doug Walker […]

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Justifying Borders

Vassal doing homage

For my last discussion with the Merrimack Valley H.S. Ethics & Economics Challenge students, I brought up the issue of borders. We started our discussion with a little bit of improv theatre. I played a foreigner trying to get into the United States without documentation. Students volunteered to play a border guard trying to keep me out. Between us lay […]

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A Right to Rule?

White House

How can one group of human beings come to enjoy a right to enforce its authoritative commands on other human beings? In other words, how does government come to enjoy a right to rule, and how do citizens come to incur a duty to obey? An example may help motivate the question. Suppose some of your neighbors start a “neighborhood […]

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